Project Exposure

Seeing the Real India

Interning in the Tata Social Internship program has taken students to the far-flung areas of India where Tata companies have a presence.

Students have been to Jharkhand to work on Tata Steel and Tata Motors corporate sustainability projects, into the arid lands of Okhamandal and the lush farmlands of Uttar Pradesh for Tata Chemicals projects. They have been to villages like quiet Waze and isolated Utkarsh in Maharashtra for TCS and Tata Power projects or bustling Kovalam in Tamil Nadu for projects for Taj hotels.


Getting hands on experience in CS projects

Tata Social Internship initiatives address a variety of issues integrated watershed development, turning wasteland into arable land, women empowerment through sustainable livelihoods, heath education, or suggesting upgradation plans for a skills development programme.


Rich perspectives from a variety of disciplines

The Tata Social Internship Interns come from disciplines as varied as Bioengineering or Social Anthropology or Chemical Engineering or Economics or Public Health or Management and hence bring a variety of mindsets and the perspective of that subject to the projects.

Moreover, coming from a foreign university and a background that has never been exposed to India before, they bring an international perspective as well. This international perspective the Interns bring has been beneficial to many of the projects.